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Welcome to Mercantile Consulting Venture Inc.

Mercantile Consulting Venture Inc. was established in 2003 by Anthony P. Temple and Marlene Boersch.

Together the partners bring over 60 years of experience and insight into the global world of agriculture to the company.

Mercantile works with the following target groups:

  • Medium-Sized Agribusinesses
  • Farmer Groups
  • Associations
  • Public and Private Organizations in the Agricultural Industry

Experience in the global marketing of grains, pulses and oilseeds, and in investment of processing assets in numerous geographies, provides the partners at Mercantile with a unique knowledge base, distinctively applicable expertise, and with exceptional connections to Canadian, U.S. and overseas customers.

"Strategic thinking honed through working and trading in competitive global markets is the critical strength we offer in our consulting work at Mercantile."



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